The Dog House Slot Review

November 19, 2020 0 Comment
The Dog House Slot Review

One sunny day in Chui village, a special house has caught the attention of every passerby because of all the commotion going on inside its walls. Find out what all the fuss is about and open the magic doors of the slot game The Dog House. Meet the cute dogs inside and make friends with the Bulldog, Shih Tzu, Chihuahua and Dachshund to win a jackpot prize of 6,750x your stake!

The Dog House is a 5-reel, 20 payline animal themed slot game. Filled with 12 magical symbols, land 3 high paying symbols on the reels and receive a huge payout!

The Dog House slot games is now available in Mabosway, play directly by visiting the website link bellow.

Who let the dogs out of the Dog House?

Who let the dogs out of the Dog House?

Low pay symbol

Find rowdy Dog Houses as you roam the streets of Chui village. Who wouldn’t want to spend the day among the most gentle and adorable villagers? Many try to enter their furry dwellings, but few are given the chance to see the pups in action. Perfectly suits you, you are one of them!

Rumor has it that The Dog House is home to the luckiest dog on the planet. They bless whomever they like and appreciate the privilege of patting their cherished head.

Uncover the mystery of The Dog House slot game by landing 3 or more identical low-paying symbols on the reels. Each matching symbol is one step closer to winning the hearts of these dogs.

Land 3 matching symbols of 10, J, Q on the reels of The Dog House slot game and receive 10 coins into your balance! Get a chance to win 25 coins when you land 4 coins, and a bigger prize of 125 coins awaits you when you reach 5 coins on the reel.

Win 25 coins when you land three Ks, symbol A on the reels and 50 extra coins when you land 4 of them! Get rewarded with a dazzling 250 coins when you hit 5 identical symbols K and A on the reels.

Find the hidden bones scattered in the thick grass in The Dog House’s backyard, and receive 40 coins when you land 3 of them on the reels! Get a reward worth 100 coins when you find 4 coins on the reel and win a big payout worth 500 coins once you get 5 coins.

Hope the reels give you a leash as they spin! This symbol will take your adventure to a new level.

Once you get 3 dog collar symbols on the reel you will get an amazing reward of 60 coins. If you are lucky to get 4 of them, you can get a prize worth 125 coins. Hit your best shot and you might land 5 dog collar symbols on the reels for a 750 coin reward!

High paying symbol

When you enter the magic door of the Dog House, you will be greeted by a Dachshund. Get 100 coins when you land 3 identical symbols on the reels, and get a chance to increase your success when you hit 4 Dachshund symbols. Get high pay when you hit them 5 times on the reels to get a reward worth 1,000 coins.

Another lovely pet will greet you as soon as you set foot in the house; the Pug is the loudest and the most hyper among the rest. There is no need to placate this sweet little thing as you will be awarded a huge amount of 125 coins when you land 3 identical symbols on the reels.

Get a chance to win 300 coins by landing 4 Pug symbols, and a huge prize of 1,500 coins when you land them 5 times on the reels!

The sweetest of them all was the great daughter of Shih Tzu. However, the Shih Tzu slot game at The Dog House is pretty stubborn.

Put your luck to the test, and you might be able to pet it and receive a royal reward of 175 coins when you land 3 identical symbols. Take your best shot when you land 4 of them to get 500 coins and win a huge prize of 2,500 coins after you hit them 5 times!

Once you have successfully pet all the animals, the highest paying symbol, the intimidating Bulldog, will reward you with a huge amount of 3,750 coins once you land 5 identical symbols on the reels!

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